Use Of Reiki In Hospitals

Reiki, a spiritual healing technique, has started gaining acceptance and credibility in the medical setups all across the globe. In nearly all countries, it is becoming a part of standard patient care. It has been reported that 15% of U.S. Hospitals have adopted Reiki practice to support their routine medical procedures for various beneficial effects like:

  • To relieve pain
  • Relaxing the patient during surgeries and other treatment procedures
  • Assuring faster patient recovery
  • Reducing the need of medications, etc
Image by Jim the Chin

In 2009, Catholic Bishops restricted Catholic Hospitals and institutes from practicing Reiki due to some religious concerns. But still it is being offered by many hospitals, clinics, and medical institutes as supportive treatment that runs parallel to their medical treatments. Due to its increasing patient acceptance, many specialists, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in U.S. hospitals have started taking Reiki training. Now this technique is just not limited to implementation but researches are also being conducted to prove its significance and vitality in medicine and the positive part it can play in hospitals.

With time the list of US hospitals offering Reiki services is expanding and includes many well renowned hospitals of the country. At these hospitals the sessions are conducted by their own medical staff and according to them they found it really advantageous for patient’s health and they not only believe in the therapeutic effects of this technique, but also support its growth and acceptance as an established healing method all across America. Below are a few hospitals that have been offering Reiki services for many years (note, the complete list contains many, many other hospitals):

  • New York Presbyterian Hospital:

It is ranked as sixth best US hospital. They are providing Reiki treatment at Columbia University Medical Center, to the patients going under cardiac and thoracic surgeries and are also researching on it.

  • Portsmouth Regional Hospital:

Reiki services are offered to patients admitted in Surgical Service Department and has been reported to produce relaxation and profound healing.

  • The California Pacific Medical Center:

The doctors providing Reiki at this clinic claimed its usefulness in both acute and chronic diseases and are also conducting research to make insurance companies realize the viability of this healing technique.

  • Duke Integrative Medicine, North Carolina:

It is enlisted among the top 10 health care organizations of the country. They are offering Reiki services as they believe in focusing medical care to health oriented practice and have found it helpful in achieving their objectives.

At hospitals, this technique has demonstrated positive results in the course of therapy for not only minor but also major pathologies, like cancer. Reiki has been reported to reduce the chemotherapeutic side effects besides helping with pain management and relieving stress. Implementation of Reiki in hospital settings on one hand has provided us with effective means of treatment at lower cost, while on the other, it is promoting it as a therapeutic modality.

Beyond any doubt, Reiki is proving to be a huge asset for hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities that might open the door to endless possibilities of using Reiki within these facilities.

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