Healing Inherited Patterns

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

All of us can look at our parents, grandparents and extended family members and identify familiar family traits – some positive and perhaps, some negative. Think of a family you know where everyone has a strong work ethic, infused by hard-working, immigrant grandparents. Every family member is successful as they are goal-oriented and do not shirk from hard work. Think of another family where it seems alcoholism, broken marriages or continual job losses are rampant. Is it possible to heal these unhealthy family patterns?

There is no problem that cannot be healed, with appropriate therapeutic modalities and Reiki. Breaking the cycle of generational, long-standing maladies is always possible. Individual and family counseling can be very helpful, in certain situations. Kelly realized she turns to drinking excessively when she feels stressed, or discouraged. She did not want to become an alcoholic like her mother and decided to take action. She began psychotherapy to gain an understanding of her behavior and learned how she had copied her mother’s unhealthy coping skills. She realized her mother had followed in the footsteps of her own father. Soon, Kelly learned better ways to deal with the stressors of normal life. When her therapist suggested learning a relaxing technique, Kelly decided to attend a Reiki training. Blending her new knowledge and the healing energies of Reiki, drinking became a part of her past. Kelly was on a new path of balanced, healthy coping.

Healing Inherited Patterns
Image by creyesk

When Kelly attended the second level of Reiki training, she learned how to do distant healing and how it can be sent to the past. She wondered if she could affect the generational alcoholism that existed in several branches of her ancestral family tree. She found as much information as she could from articles on the Internet and books. Then, she contacted her Reiki Master and asked if they could discuss this subject. Her Master affirmed what she had learned. She explained on other planes of existence, linear time does not exist as we experience it on earth. Our loved ones’ spirits continue to heal after their transition to other planes. Also, when new lives come onto earth, they inherit energetic patterns, and genetics, created by their ancestors.

In Kelly’s case, she most likely has a genetic predisposition towards alcoholism. While some people can have an occasional drink socially, Kelly’s genes had a different response. When Kelly took her first drink, her genetic make-up immediately sought more alcohol. And, because she had grown up with the role model of coping with life’s stressors by drinking, this genetic makeup was reinforced. As Reiki energies heal the root cause of a problem, both the genetic predisposition and the dysfunctional coping skills were healed.

Kelly also did distant healing work for living relatives. She viewed it as a type of prayer, and set the intention that healing energies be sent to all her relatives for their highest good. She hoped each one would find his own path to healing.

When Kelly has children, these healed genes will not be passed along to them. Kelly continues to work towards having a fulfilling, harmonious life. There are times when she is tempted to fall into old patterns of the seemingly “easy fix” of a drink, but she uses Reiki to bring her to a healthier action.

Like Kelly, each of us can identify some inherited pattern that could use healing. Call upon your Reiki energies to bring peace to yourself, your ancestors, your loved ones, in this generation and for future generations.

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Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner. She also is a licensed clinical social worker, working with a hospice agency in Asheville, NC. She grew up on a farm in rural Indiana and was stricken with polio at the age of three. To relieve fatigue from post-polio syndrome, she learned Reiki. This complementary technique led her to explore other alternative modalities. Her personal journey, along with life lessons learned along the way, is detailed in her book, Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. Reach Deborah at http://www.deblloydhealing.com/, deb@deblloydhealing.comand at Deb Lloyd Healing on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/deblloydhealing)


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