Ways To Strengthen Your Aura


For the overall integrity of your health and well being, it’s important to cleanse and strengthen your aura. Here are some effective ways to do so.

Cleansing Bath
Eliminate toxins and negativity with this bath. Each day for a full week, soak in a cleansing bath to which you’ve added baking soda and sea salt. You may enjoy the benefits of adding essential oils, as well.

White Sage Smudge
North American Natives long have known the smoke of white sage to be cleansing. Light a sage smudge stick; gently blow out the flame so that the herbs smolder. Use your hand to waft the smoke over your face and body. Direct the smoke around your limbs and even under your arms and feet to cleanse your aura and remove negativity.

Sea Salt Cleansing
A swim in the ocean or a soak in a salt bath will draw out stress and help to cleanse your aura. Simply giving your body a scrub with sea salt before your shower is refreshing and cleansing.

Energy of the Sun
Sunshine feeds and expands your aura, so spend time outside in nature. Twenty minutes a day will nourish and ground you, and charge your aura with positive energy.

From chanting to the ringing of Tibetan singing bowls, creating and listening to certain sounds can be healing and energizing. Chant “Om” if it pleases you, or listen to a download of the music of singing bowls to cleanse your aura and support your overall health.

Since ancient times, essential oils have been employed in religion and healing. Fragrances connect us with the Divine and help in physical and emotional healing. Basil is useful for aura cleansing, plus it is purifying, relaxing and revitalizing. Camphor is purifying and protective, and helps to dispel negative energy. Geranium can help to dispel apprehension and negativity, and is also helpful in protection and balancing energy.

Crystals and Gemstones
Black Tourmaline is reputed to ward off negative energy, and Rose Quartz is believed to replace negative feelings with positive ones. Most dark-colored or black stones are believed to repel or dissolve negative energies. These include: Apache tears, black obsidian, hematite, jet and smoky quartz.

Situational Awareness
Be observant of the people, places and situations that drain you. Eliminate or limit your time with such. If you cannot avoid them, then consider wearing or carrying a protective crystal and be mindful of your breathing, thoughts, words and actions.

Seek deep and profound rest. Snuggle yourself into clean, fragrant blankets and soft, clean sheets. Block the light with window treatments or eye pillows. As you prepare for bed, set your intention to rest deeply, calm your mind, release tensions, heal your body and strengthen your psychic energy.


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