How to Deal with Negative Spirits, Supernatural Power, and Negativity

Article by Nikita Dudani, Reiki Rays

Regular Reiki on self or other or for any living or non-living thing makes you vulnerable to supernatural forces. Some of you, who have always felt intuitive since childhood would be more vulnerable to any form of energy.

When I talk spirits here, I refer and hope it is positive spirits and/or supernatural forces. But you never know what the universe has got to offer you. Speaking of my personal experience, I have always felt a strong connection with the other world/ spirits/ supernatural forces since the beginning. It seems as; I work as a medium to communicate their messages.

Whilst it is a good power, it also makes me weak and vulnerable when some bad energy form or spirit crosses my path. In my daily practice, I keep my body, mind, and soul free from any negative energy. I create a shield around me yet if the negative forces win against you, you can feel drained. Worse, if you do not have your share of healing, Reiki, or shield done, you can face more severe consequences.

Working in this field for quite some time, I have found few ways gifted to me by my Reiki Guru and some of my own that I would love to share.

Keep your Throat and Root Chakra stimulated: They are highest energy consumer and provider. It is said that if negative forces or any wicked person have to draw energy from you, they will use these two chakras, respectively. In order to not let them overpower you, it is advisable to Reiki these two Chakras on regular basis. Create a special shield over them. Moreover, you can keep a check on whom you are letting in your vicinity because not everyone comes to you with a good motive.

How to Deal with Negative Spirits, Supernatural Power, and Negativity
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Do not say ‘Yes’: Being in healing business, we are sensitive to other people’s problem. If someone approaches us, it is hard to let him or her down or refuse them. Practically, it might cause some hole in the pocket or you might be tempted to have business out of it. However, in longer run, it is going to be beneficial and safe for you. Not every client is filled with hope and optimism. Some come with broken knowledge about Reiki. And some are just desperate or would cover their own selfish needs in fake stories. Trust your instinct to guide you and it will advise you in taking your clients.

Also, spirits who are there to drain your positive energy may find various ways to hear or force you to say ‘Yes’ with help of people you may know. Watch out for signs and signals. If there is some unknown and bad force at work, you will definitely find some sign from your higher self. It would be good idea to practice to not say yes, immediately. Think, pause, and then conclude.

Dive into meditation with your consciousness intact: You must have often felt miracles or connected to your higher self or god during meditation. While it is a very therapeutic, healing, and uplifting experience, you have to be sure that what you are experiencing is not dilemma. Whenever you feel drained or negativity around you, all you have to do is meditate. Do the usual procedure, which you follow. Keep a safeguard on what you are witnessing. High chances are that being on highest vulnerable point; the negative spirits would hamper or try to break the process.

  • Call for your archangels, guardian angels, and god to protect you.
  • Use the meditation + Reiki technique to ward off evil.
  • Travel your house, office, your body, and other member’s body to ensure that nothing negative is around you.
  • Use your Reiki power, the symbols, and the other secret methods passed on by your Guru to keep them at bay.
  • Visualize a white and serene bubble, box, or square protecting you and your loved ones.

Calm your senses: When you are in touch with any kind of blockages, negativity, or spirits, you will feel your sense heightened. Anxious, panic, lack of energy, lack of sleep, bad dreams, procrastination, and other such feelings will cross your mind frequently. The deals, business, or studies may fall off. During this period, your power may be channelized powerfully than regular days. You need to calm yourself down and think what is going wrong. Avoid being hooked into all the bad things around you. Reiki yourself, your home, office, and roads you are using. Make it a frequent – Reiki everything that you consume and keep your house clean.

Some Indian Methods – Whenever I feel negativity around my house, or me I do the following:

  • Whenever I offer my prayers to my god and do Puja, I use the Sindoor (Vermilion) kept in the offering on my forehead as such it creates a small circle. I do it on the Throat chakra too. In Indian mythology, red vermilion aka Sindoor is believed to be one of the main ornaments of the goddess and hence, very powerful. It provides protection, strength, and keeps negativity at bay.
  • I insist my house cleaner to use black salt in its raw form in her mopping water. Using and doing so, removes any negativity from the house and keeps your area of Earth, clean.
  • Using sandalwood also reduces negativity. Use sandalwood liquid in moping floor. Use sandalwood incense to keep the air fresh and clean. And powdered sandalwood to make a small circle on your forehead.

Above all, do not fear and be strong. Have your faith in higher self and God alive. You are the living organism and you certainly have more power than anything else that cannot be seen.

||Jai Reiki|| ||Hare Krishna||

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Nikita Dudani
Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani is a Reiki Practitioner & Therapist residing in Ahmedabad, where she touches many people’s lives through Reiki & intuition. She practices in-person healing and distance healing. She is also a Tarot Card Reader, Intuitive, and an Anthropologist. Reach out to me at and/or


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