The Best Reiki Sleep Remedies

Article by Justine Melton, Reiki Rays

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is sleep deprivation. It can affect every area of your life and leave you willing to try any remedy that can provide relief no matter how unconventional it may be. If hot tea, herbs and a hot bath haven’t offered relief it is a great time to bring Reiki in and see what it may offer you! Here are the top ten things that I use when I can’t sleep and recommend to friends and clients as well.

Best Reiki Sleep Remedies:

1. Reiki the room you are in. This is very simple and can be done just by drawing a power or master symbol on every wall, ceiling, floor, window, closet, etc of the room or area that you will be sleeping in.

2. Do a relaxing/sleep aide meditationwhile in bed directly before you go to sleep. This works wonders for a lot of people and often times if you stay in a meditative state long enough you may just drift off to sleep before you even end the meditation.

3. Reiki a warm drink before bed. If you find warm tea relaxing before bed time simply do a power or master symbol over it with the intention of a restful night’s sleep.

4. Reiki the bed that you are going to sleep in. Do this by making one large power or master symbol over the center of the bed.

5. Do a self-reiki session after getting in bed for the night. Simply lay in bed while you go through your normal self-reiki session.

The Best Reiki Sleep Remedies
Image by katiaromanova

 6. Visualize a bubble. Inside this bubble picture yourself having a restful night’s sleep. Make the distance symbol over this bubble and send positive Reiki energy to this bubble.

7. Put on relaxing music at night or nature sounds. Reiki whatever device you are playing this music from with the intention that you have a peaceful night’s sleep.

 8. Take a hot shower or bath just before bedtime and make one large power or master symbol over the source of the water. For me I also find that the emotional symbol can have an added benefit with this remedy as well. Also, try using a shampoo or soap with eucalyptus oil in it. Reiki that as well!

9. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil on your pillow case. If you have sensitive skin do it on the outside edges of the pillow. I have very sensitive skin. The method that I have come up with so that my skin is not irritated is I drop a few drops of the essential oil I would like to use into a spray bottle that is full of distilled water. I then spray it around the edge of my pillow. This mixture is also great as a room freshener. Be sure to Reiki the spray bottle and/or your pillow. If you put a label and ribbon around the spray bottle it can make a great Reiki gift as well!

 10. Amethyst is a wonderful soothing stone that is a great aide for insomnia.Charge one by making the power symbol over it and then hold it in your hand for 5 min. Beam Reiki to it during this time. Hold it in your hand while you sleep, set it on the nightstand by your bed, or place it under your pillow.

Some people also find great results with working out an hour or two before bed time. For me working out has the opposite effect and gives me energy. If you find this happens to you as well try working out in the morning instead of in the evening. Be sure to Reiki your workout session as well for an added benefit. Simply make the power or master symbol over yourself before you start. Another option is to visualize the workout session before hand. Make the distance symbol in front of it and then beam Reiki to it for a few min.

Wishing you all love and light.

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Justine Melton

Justine Melton is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Intuitive Counselor. Reiki came into her life a few years ago and changed it in amazing ways. It is her passion now to bring Reiki to others and help them to heal in a holistic way. Justine is lucky enough to be an Empath, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairvoyant. She is able to use these gifts with Reiki if asked to give extra messages during a session for the client’s highest good. Justine believes that love is the greatest healing energy. She has founded a holistic healing association called Amore Holistic Health Group where people can go and choose from a variety of different healing modalities.


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