Stages of Spiritual Awakening: Which One Have You Experienced?


You are most likely wondering what you should be expecting and whats the benefit of anyone going through these stages of spiritual awakening? You will get to know the true you.

Here would be the stages of spiritual awakening. Please be aware these stages can last month’s, be patient. You will slowly go through each of the spiritual awakening stages and they can never be rushed.

5 Stages of spiritual awakening

Stage 1

For anyone to undergo an awakening, you’ll need to have something very extraordinary happen in your life. It may as well be the death of someone you love, a near death experience, maybe something wonderful like meeting your twin flame or could be an illness that is life threatening.

Stage 2

This will be the stage where you begin see your senses start to transform and you may start to feel very different. This even changes the way you will see yourself in your personal life. You start to confront everything. You might feel what’s happening to you is very unclear and it’s confusing.

You might also go through the many spiritual awakening symptoms, for example you might see 1111 a lot, synchronicities and visions. You might wanting to be alone. You might be interested and will dive into many spiritual topics. You might feel the chills and thrills whenever you connect to your soul/spirit. Your area of knowledge increases, and newer knowledge begins to channels in.

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You might feel like you are isolated, like you can’t communicate with anyone about what your going through. That’s fine. Understand that you’re never alone, and when you distance yourself from those who might not understand including friends, family, or those who are quite negative is common in this stage.


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