Protect Yourself During Reiki


Some practitioners, especially in the beginning, feel tired after giving a Reiki treatment. This could have several causes, but probably the most common is that you’re channelling your own energy, instead of Reiki, to the patient.


There are many ways to protect yourself, and your Reiki Master may have taught you different techniques. Here are a few tips.

1. Remember that your intention rules :), literally! Before starting a session, say out loud or to yourself, “may I channel nothing but divine Reiki to [name]”. Ask your guides to make sure that this happens.

Image by Derek Keats

2. Stay grounded during the entire session.

3. While giving Reiki, don’t “force” it. Relax, and “allow it to flow” instead.

4. At the end of the session, say “may all the energy that may have been exchanged return to its owner”, and clap your hands (or make another gesture with the same meaning) to cut off the connection.

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