Why People Have Psychic Connection




Psychic connection are spiritual connections that exist between two people. The people may be in the same physical location or in different locations. There are various types of these connections and if two people can be connected in more than one connection. In this case their connection is stronger and very unique. Below are a few examples of psychic connection;

a) Sudden and uncontrollable mood changes. This is a result of feeling the other persons moods as well as your mood.

b) Feeling strongly attracted to someone yet you can’t find a logical explanation to the attraction.

c) Feeling someone is familiar yet you have seen or met the person for the first time.

d) I believe you have experienced this, you think about someone and you consider calling or texting them. But as soon as you grab your phone, you receive a text or a call from the person you wanted to contact.

There are many reasons why a psychic connection can happen as explained below;

1. You Could Be Potential Soulmates.

You can not have a soulmate in the physical world but you meet your potential soulmate in the physical life. When you spend majority of lifetime with someone, the person becomes a potential soulmate. When both of you die, the two spirits are joined and they become true soulmates. Potential soulmates can be same gender or different genders.

2. You Could be Twin Flames

Twin flames are two unique halves who when joined form one complete soul. Twin flames are a male and a female but in the physical world they can be same gender or different genders. Since twin flames are completely identical, they think,act, feel and sense the same way.

3. You Could be Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits are two people who are similar and share a lot of similarities. These similarities could be spiritual beliefs, feelings, orientation or attraction to something. Kindred spirits are somehow similar to twin flames but there is a difference. The difference being that kindred spirits share similarities more on the mental and physical realms as opposed to twin flames who share similarities in the spiritual realm only.

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4. You could be having past life connections

The forth reason for psychic connection is because of a connection in the past that the two people aren’t aware of. The two people could have been one soul in their past life and they have reincarnated. This is related to twin flames but is the reverse of twin flame in terms of time of the connection and when the two people are already living together.


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