The Seth Material

The Seth Material
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Seth is the acclaimed non-physical teacher whose collected works are the most dynamic, brilliant and undistorted map of inner reality and human potential available today. His articulation of the furthest reaches of human potential, the eternal validity of the soul, and the concept that we create our own reality according to our beliefs, has been presented in books that have sold over 8 million copies and been translated into over a dozen languages. Seth’s empowering voice clearly stands out as one of the major forces which led to the current New Age philosophical movement. This book chronicles Seth’s first contact with author and medium Jane Roberts. It is a mixture of great Seth excerpts, selected by topic, and further explained by Jane.Topics covered include: afterdeath & between lives, how to get rid of llness, reincarnation, why people are born into different circumstances, God, All That Is, Dreams, exercises to develop the inner senses, and much more

Chakra Clearing – Doreen Virtue


Chakra Clearing

by Doreen Virtue (Goodreads Author)
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When you clear away negative energy residues from fear and worry, your natural spiritual power awakens. This innate power allows you to know the future; freely communicate with God and the angels; and heal yourself, others, and the planet. InChakra Clearing, Doreen Virtue guides you through meditations and visualizations to clear your chakras, which activates your inborn healing and psychic abilities.

Enclosed you’ll also find a code for an audio download that complements the material in the book. The audio starts with a morning meditation designed to begin your day with a bright, positive energy frequency and surround you with healing light. The relaxing evening meditation that follows clears away energy that you may have absorbed during the day, and invites angels to enter your dreams and give you divine messages.

This comprehensive chakra-clearing program will help you fully
activate your spiritual power to know and heal!

Strangers Among Us – Ruth Montgomery


Ruth Montgomery, started off as a journalist and a political columnist, and later moved on to become a world famous author and psychic. All her books have been thought provoking, and this book is no different.

This book is really good for  those who are interested in spiritual studies. Ruth connects with her Spirit Guide and gives us information about many things that  alot of us are unaware of!!!!

Through this book, Ruth introduced the concept of “WALK- INS” to the American public. Though this concept was known to many in the Far East, especially through books by T.Lobsong Rampa,…. to the Americans , this was a totally new concept. The walk-in theory did stun the spiritual community when this book was released!!!

According to Ruth, a Walk In is someone who has come to help people connect with their Higher Self , to find Universal Love.

A wonderful metaphysical book, which is also intriguing. It helps us open our mind to many new possibilities.

In this book, Ruth discusses the future of this planet, the pole shift, shift in consciousness, enlightened beings and many more!!!!

A very interesting book….but to be read with an open mind!!! 🙂


Essential Reiki – Diane Stein


This is one of the most amazing books I have read and re-read in recent times. Beautifully written by Diane Stein, it is an excellent book for beginners and a good reference book for anyone who is into Reiki.

Once you read this book, you will come to know how passionate Diane Stein is about her work. She believes in giving healing and attunements to all who are interested in Reiki.

This “easy to read” book  is an excellent introduction in Reiki,  for an eager student.

Diane Stein is gutsy enough to break the secrecy about the Reiki Symbols. She gives us many useful information and exercises, which help us not only to become aware of our own spiritual energies that are within us, and also the energies that surround us.

This book is wonderful in some parts and……. controversial and bold in other parts. A must have for  Reiki practitioners and students!!!


Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda


The Autobiography of a Yogi is not just an ordinary book, but a spiritual book which gives us a glimpse into the life of Paramahansa Yogananda and his spiritual journey…in his own words!!!

In this book, Paramahansa talks about his encounter with some great spiritual figures, mystics and yogis, who greatly influenced him in his search for enlightenment!!! He also talks about the teachings of Christ, giving them a Vedic interpretation and showing us the similarities between Christianity and Hinduism .

A lovely guide to Indian philosophy, Paramahansa talks about miracles and life after death, thus introducing Eastern beliefs to the West. Beautifully written, this inspiring book doesn’t shy away from giving details of miracles by people of other faiths.

A good read and a breathe of fresh air for those interested in Eastern theology and those who are spiritually inclined.

This classic religious literature is a book  full of amazing and sometimes hilarious stories of Yogananda growing up in India!!! A great book and a guide for those who are interested in spirituality and enlightenment!!!

Coversations With God – Neale Donald Walsch


Conversations With God or CWG was written by Neale Donald Walsch, in mid 90’s. These sequence of books are a dialogue between the author and God. The answers God gives to Walsch are thought provoking, mind blowing and funny at times.

These books cover a wide range of topics….from political to social issues, from religion to philosophy and many more.

These are definitely books for the open minded. They present an interesting viewpoint…tht we should take responsibility of our lives.

It truly is an extraordinary experience, reading this dialogue and having that Conversation with God.

When my good friend Anita gave me a copy, she said “Read it with an open mind and a sense of humour”  This is the same  advise I am passing on to u guys!!!

Some books bug us, while other books touch us. This one definitely talks to us. An interesting book that tickles your curiosity!!! 🙂

The Shack – WM.Paul Young


A little girl is abducted and murdered in a Shack. This story is a father’s search for answers.

The question that always hits us when tragedy strikes is….WHERE IS GOD , when we need Him???? This book gives you some astounding answers that will shake you and perhaps give you the answer that you have been looking for!!!

The Shack starts slow, and then picks up after a couple of chapters. Mind blowing and a must read!!!

My Magical Garden


A lovely book written by Terri Allen & Jacqui Gray.

This book is written for children, to help them express themselves from a very young age.  It helps children tap into their imagination, be more open and creative.

A very colorful book, My Magical Garden is exactly what children need to open up to the wonders and magic around them. It comes with a Meditation CD, which takes you on a wonderful journey into the magical garden.