7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Come To A Sudden Stop




No matter your level of conscious awareness or the level of spiritual enlightenment that you have attained, there will come a time on your spiritual journey where you know and feel that you have made great internal progress and then suddenly… nothing.

Positivity has flown out the window, prophetic visions and lucid dreaming have been replaced with normal lower conscious ideals and mindfulness has been replaced withoveractive thinking patterns. You simply can’t make the connection that you once felt and it seems impossible to return to the level of light, love and higher awareness that you seek.

Everything you attempt to get moving again seems to fail, as if an invisible road block has been put right in front of you, leaving you wondering, just what is going on? It’s a path that can’t be avoided, but why does it happen?

Spiritual road blocks are designed for you to slow down and take a break. Your initial spiritual awakening, may have been so full-blown, that now your mind needs the time to rearrange itself. A reformation of belief systems, perceptions of the world and perceptions of yourself are in order here.

These time periods can be extremely frustrating and sometimes even painful if the cycle is leading you into (a)nother Dark Night of the Soul. Navigating this rocky terrain requires, patience and gentleness with yourself, in order to sail the rough waters, safely ashore.

Determining the root cause of spiritual, developmental, stalemates, are crucial to getting you back on the road again.

1.You Need Healing

A spiritual awakening can bring repressed memories and emotions from your unconscious into your conscious awareness. Such as past lives, things you may have forgotten about or things you weren’t even aware had occurred, may come bubbling to the surface. You may even begin to disassociate with these memories, eluding yourself into believing that they are figments of your imagination.

2.You’re Angry

Any psychologist will tell you that anger stems from a wide variety of underlying causes. When it comes to anger stemming from a spiritual awakening however, we usually can narrow down the field a little bit.

You still have hidden repressed memories, not yet brought to surface as well as the failure to forgive for those memories brought to your conscious awareness.

3. You have developed an over-inflated sense of self.

When you awaken you feel on top of the world, you feel like you have ‘finally arrived’ and looking back at others who have not yet reached your level of awareness, you can’t help but eventually feel “special”.

Don’t get me wrong, spiritual enlightenment and the evolution of consciousness is something to be celebrated!

However, spiritual enlightenment is the ultimate goal for all humanity, not just a chosen few.

The more you associate yourself with this I.D of being different or special, that is according to Freud, “motivated by self-gratification
and pleasure” the more you battle with your ‘super ego’ effectively making it impossible to sustain a present awareness of acceptance and love, Thus hindering the continuance of your spiritual growth.

Quite simply the more you believe that you have “arrived” the more you have nowhere to go. No matter how much you want to continue on your quest in attaining consistent spiritual fulfillment your cup is full and needs to be emptied.

4. You’re frustrated with the current world status.

After much euphoria and exploration of the higher realms of life, gaining the wisdom and understanding of your multidimensional universally connected existence, you find yourself– human again. This can be a major let down. The power that you exuded in the upper realms isn’t manifesting in your current physical state and this can cause much discomfort and impatience.

You may also feel alienated from much of society as you have been endowed with much wisdom and wish to share your knowledge and yet to those who are “un-enlightened”, your perceptions and ideals are viewed as unrealistic and over-exuberant.

After much effort in attempting to teach others of your path, you end up feeling more discouraged than appreciated. Feeling as though your hands are chained, watching as the masses fall into the same old cycles of fear, attachment and compliance to the ruling oligarchy.

5. You’ve fallen back into old patterns of behaviour

Do you remember that moment when you first “made contact?” The moment when everything opened up for you in a blink of an eye and your entire world was changed. You saw reason and meaning behind everything that is, was and is yet to come.

Do you also remember how it felt to look at milk from a cow or a cheeseburger?. Or how it felt when you realized that you were a pawn in the game, a slave to a system that appeared to be winning?

This is your reminder.

What we were exposed to during our awakenings was real and true, so hold fast and hold firm because we are the change and we are the people the world has been waiting for– all of us.

6. You’re not listening to your heart

While we are all globally connected, with hearts beating to the same drum, we are still unique. Each of us have a piece to a larger puzzle that is ushering in the age of enlightenment. Not one of us views the world from an entirely uniform basis of perception and it is in this uniqueness that lies your life purpose.

That piece of the puzzle that you are to bring to the table and do this you must follow your heart.

We are always receiving subtle cues, synchronicities and soft nudges from the universe: a guidepost of light in a world that sometimes can feel enshrouded with darkness. When your mind cannot find its way out of its current spectrum of reality, your heart will always guide you along the path you are seeking.

Trust it.

7.You still think that you are unworthy

Due to major cultural, societal and religious indoctrination’s, a spiritual awakening can naturally be interpreted as an external happening, that of which you had little or no control over.

A gift from the gods or God, as your consciousness projects itself and is viewed out of the physical body. As such, feelings of unworthiness can immediately take over the control center in your mind and many will feel that they have been blessed with such a wonderful gift, that is not deserved.

While there are many Gods, Bodhisattva’s and Guides that can be of assistance to you on your awakening journey, the realization of authentic power is the ultimate liberation. This authentic power emanates from within your own unconscious mind, that which is already a part of you; quite simply it is in your DNA.

By making the unconscious-conscious and bringing memory forward, the wisdom and knowledge unfolds in knowing that you are in control of your own destiny. Everything you need is already within you.

So if you are stuck on your spiritual awakening journey, meet your anger with love, follow your heart in all of your ways and remember that you are always worthy.

Written by LJ Vanier of www.isoulscience.com

SOURCE: http://collectivelyconscious.net/articles/7-reasons-why-your-spiritual-awakening-has-come-to-a-sudden-stop/

The 3 Types of Telepathy, Including Soul-to-Soul Telepathy

by Seth M



Telepathy has been recognized since the 19th century, when scientists first validated two different types. These included instinctual telepathy, which is mostly feeling based, and mind-to-mind telepathy, which is largely mental-based.

However, there is a third type oftelepathy, a higher type of telepathy, according to Ageless Wisdom teachings, and it’s called soul-to-soul spiritual telepathy.

Instinctual telepathy

If we had to place the different types of telepathy on a hierarchy, instinctual telepathy would lie at the bottom. This type of telepathy is widely prominent in the animal kingdom and is still considered a normal way to communicate among some indigenous cultures.

Instinctual telepathy is mostly experienced when an individual recognizes the feelings or needs of another person even though they are some distance apart. This mostly happens between people who share a strong emotional bond, like parents and children, married partners, and best friends.

Mental telepathy

Telepathy has been recognized since the 19th century, when scientists first validated two different types. These included instinctual telepathy, which is mostly feeling based, and mind-to-mind telepathy, which is largely mental-based.

However, there is a third type of telepathy, a higher type of telepathy, according to Ageless Wisdom teachings, and it’s called soul-to-soul spiritual telepathy.

This is not like trance channeling, the process of using a disembodied entity as a medium through which to communicate. Mental telepathy happens between two fully conscious people.

Spiritual telepathy

Spiritual telepathy, or soul-to-soul telepathy, is the highest form of telepathy. And it is only possible when an individual has managed to connect the mind, brain, and soul. When a person does this, they gain the ability to navigate between physical and spiritual realms. In order to build these connections, one must be adept at creative meditation.

Spiritual telepathy is widely believed to be used by ‘The Masters’ to guide the evolution of our planet. Because they cannot directly influence or control the different forms of life on Earth, they use individuals who have mastered spiritual telepathy to anchor their information and wisdom on Earth.

22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self

1. Higher Sensory Perception

Your intuition is developing at a rapid rate. Other higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience can also be turned on. These higher senses allow you to access information and wisdom that otherwise would be unavailable through the use of your rational mind. Harmonious lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are also ways to access higher dimensional information.

2. Knowing Your Soul Purpose

With your higher senses turned on, it has become crystal clear what your Soul’s Purpose is. Not only you know what your mission here on earth is but you are fulfilling this mission by taking action and walking your path. Your are fulfilling your basic human needs of self-growth and contribution by being on the path of eternal self actualization and being at the service of others.

3. Meeting Your Soul Family

Your frequency has attracted you to people with whom you resonate at a soul level. When you met these individuals you felt a strong and undeniable connection with them, like if you had met them before (from a past life). Even if they live on the other side of the world, the spiritual ties between you are so strong that years can go by and when you meet again is like no time has passed.

4. Meeting Your Twin Flame or Soul Mate

You are in a relationship with a person that highlights and enhances your best qualities. As well, this person will mirror back to you everything you need to work on yourself. This relationship thrives on self-growth, contribution, higher giving love and fulfillment. A necessary step for the manifestation of this relationship is cutting cords of attachments and karmic ties with previous relationships.

5. Synchronicities and Accelerated Manifestations

Your connection with the universe and life is evident. Your questions are answered through synchronicities and hidden messages are easily revealed to you by the power of your higher senses. You find messages and answers in books, nature and even random conversations. As well, you become aware of how strong and powerful your intent has become. Whatever you focus on manifests at a much faster than ever before.

6. Taking Responsibility For Your Happiness

As you embody your Higher Self you realize how powerful you are and how you co-create reality through your thoughts and emotions. You take full responsibility for your own happiness and you stop blaming other people, the government or any other outside sources. Victimization is a thing of the past and you take full charge of your healing and evolutionary process.

7. Embracing All Emotions

You have finally transcended the spiritual bypass that some emotions are ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. Instead you embrace all e-motions and instead of repressing them you allow them to flow through you. You can use anger for passion or motivation. You can easily empathize with others while maintaining the integrity of your field.

8. Holographic Nature of Reality

Like Rumi said ‘You are not a drop of water in an ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop of water.’ The holographic nature of reality is encoded within you and you can sense the interconnectedness of everything. It is obvious to you that we live in a multidimensional matrix and that you have a multidimensional anatomy. You also feel very attracted to sacred geometry.

9. Alchemical and Healing Powers

Whether it’s hands on healing, soul retrieval or any other type of healing modality you have learned how to direct your intent and manipulate energy to remove energetic blockages. You can easily connect to your Higher Self and disengage discordant energies that hinder your spiritual evolution. Often you will assist others in their healing and ascension process with your siddhis.

10. Activating Your DNA

DNA activation is the process of accreting more light into your morphogenetic field by activating the dormant strands of DNA that correspond to your Higher Self. You have at least a 12 strand DNA template that allows 12 dimensions of consciousness. DNA activation is the key to spiritual ascension and the embodiment of your Higher Self. It’s quite common for a person who goes through DNA activation to progressively experience all the other signs mentioned in this page.

11. Unconditional Self-Love

Your 4th strand of DNA corresponds to your heart chakra. One of the main benefits of DNA activation is being able to access and embody a state of unconditional self-love. No longer do you feel the need to extract love from other people, instead you see yourself as an infinite source of love. A sense of wholeness begins to unfold as you love ALL aspects of yourself, including your shadow self.

12. Integrating and Transcending Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self is the part of you that is running in reverse. It is mainly made up of archetypes, personas and complexes. Some examples are the Professional Victim Persona, the Rescuer Archetype, the Sorcerer, The Tyrant and the Absolute Perfectionist. The shadow self is what causes self-sabotage and causes you to create chaos in your life. The shadow self is created by making decisions that are not aligned with your Higher Self and manifest as reverse codes in your DNA.

13. Frequency Resonance

As you continue to raise your frequency you notice how some people begin to fall out of your holographic reality. You understand that your frequencies no longer match. The same can happen with your job or even your country of origin. In turn your higher frequency attracts you to a new grid of people, places, times, things and events that are in line with your Higher Self.

14. Honest Yes and Honest No

You are not afraid of saying ‘no’ to other people when you inner guidance tells you not to do something or go somewhere. You are not afraid of other people’s reactions and you are true to yourself. Every time you are congruent with what you want and what you don’t want you feel more powerful. As well you embrace the art of an honest ‘yes’ when the universe delivers what you desire. You don’t try to appear ‘humble’ or ‘spiritual’ by rejecting what you truly desire in your life.

15. Harmonious Family Relationships

‘If you think you are enlightened, go spend a weekend with your family.’
Ram Dass

You have realized that enlightenment doesn’t happen in a cave. You have cleared the cords of attachments and karmic ties with your family. Gone are the days where you kept experiencing the same old family drama. Your family members have shifted their approach to connect with you to higher ways and you accept/love them just how they are.

16. No Guilt, No Shame

Shame and guilt are the two lowest frequency energetic blockages in humanity. In order to embody your Higher Self you have let go of the identification with shame and guilt. You have cleared the guilt and shame you inherited from your parents through the DNA and you have released the shame and guilt that has been implanted by society and religions. Instead you choose to embrace the states of joy and bliss. You have become immune to guilt manipulating strategies often used by victims.

17. Making Decision In Line With Your Higher Self

Instead of making decisions based on fear, righteousness, competition or lack you are making decisions in line with your Higher Self and ultimately with Source-will. You are aware of Source’s intentions: the Law of One, Unconditional Love, Cooperation, Evolution, Perpetual Motion, Cause and Effect, Non-Judgment and Free-will. Even though we all have free-will and can ultimately go against Source-will (you’re unconditionally loved), you’re aware that making such decisions will trigger the Law of Cause and Effect and create a karmic imprint to re-mind you must heal that karmic miasm at some point.

18. Inner and Outer Abundance

Lack and limitation are a thing of the past. You have embodied a state of absolute inner abundance that is being reflected onto your holographic reality. You no longer seek to extract love, approval and appreciation from other people, you are the source. Happiness is within you. As well you have transcended the spiritual bypass that money is ‘evil’ and you know that money is just energy, made up of consciousness just like everything else. You enjoy financial abundance and use this abundance to create a more harmonious reality for yourself and others.

19. Mind Unplugged From the Matrix

One sign that your mind has been unplugged from the matrix is that you can clearly see the hidden agenda of those who desire to control this planet. You no longer resonate with the news and their ‘official story’. You inner truth detector can sense when someone is lying and you have become immune to the low frequency strategies and implants that constantly try to tell you ‘you are not enough’. Mindless consumerism and the herd mentality seem absurd to you.

20. Bye-Bye Idolatry

As you awaken to your co-creative powers and God-like nature, you no longer put other people on a pedestal. Your inner guru precedes any external guru and you see teachers as a reflection of your own unlimited potential. The forces of your worthiness and deservedness drive you to achieve whatever you set your mind upon. You have become the master of your own reality.

21. Overflowing with Gratitude

Gratitude is your attitude. Gratitude is your prayer. The sense of lack has become foreign to you, instead you cannot stop counting your blessings. The feeling of gratitude multiplies whatever you have and brings you even more positive experiences. You are even grateful for the challenges and setbacks that are inevitable in life, you can’t help to see them as opportunities for growth. And you probably have a gratitude journal.

22. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Life is meant to be fun, you know that. Being extremely rigid and disciplined suck the fun out of everything. Even though you are adamant when it comes to working on yourself and achieving self mastery, you always allow yourself to make mistakes. In fact making mistakes is part of the learning process. You have a great sense of humor and you don’t take yourself too seriously. Your inner child is thriving and you often feel energized, inspired and overflowing with creativity.

About the Author:
Gustavo Castaner is the founder of AscendedRelationships.com and In-Light-Ment.com. Gustavo specializes in helping people change their frequency so they can embody their Higher Self and manifest higher vibrational relationships.

So, Your Spiritual Awakening Cost You Some Friends


Gregg Prescott M.S



Have you noticed a change in your relationships with other people lately?  Is it sometimes difficult or awkward to talk to others about spiritual topics?  Do you, at times, feel alone in your beliefs?   Have you lost contact with any long time friends recently?  You are not alone!

I’m fortunate to have a lot of Facebook friends who post similar types of links. Too many times, I see a lot of people who talk the talk but are afraid to walk the walk, due to being ridiculed for their thoughts and posts (GROUPTHINK). I’ve lost some longtime friends because of this but have made many, many new ones. Once the ego is released, you no longer worry about conformity and peer pressure.

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that structures various belief systems within a group of people while discouraging individual creativity and independent thinking.  Even within a group of individuals who are spiritually awakened, you will find groupthink.

If you look at the recorded history of mankind, you’ll find that this history is merely someone’s interpretation of a landmark event or evolutionary process, backed by eyewitness testimonial, scientific data, video or faith.  The actual truth may be hidden or distorted for many reasons, but mostly for control and power.  Look no further than the origins of mankind and you’ll find a plethora of creation myths from all cultures with varying dates of our existence.  Who’s right?

Can you talk to your friends about the universe?  Do they know what a stargate or chakra is?  Are they willing to talk about ascension or spiritual enlightenment?

When you talk to people about the creation myth, they tend to remain inside the box with a belief system that supports religion’s story of creation, which dates mankind back to 4,000 B.C.  If you raise questions about our true origins, it tends to separate people and relationships between those who think outside the box versus those who think inside the box.  When these topics arise within relationships, they often create dissension.  It’s hard for anyone to admit they’ve been deceived for so long and even more difficult to admit they were possibly wrong in their assumptions.

This is a prime example of how our educational systems keep us locked inside the box without questioning anything about what we’ve been taught.  Those who remain inside the box are afraid of what others might think if they venture outside the box, so they remain complacent and subservient while conforming to what society dictates rather than relying on their own discernment and judgment.  People could live their entire lives pretending to be what society expects them to be and not even know it!

From an ego perspective, our thoughts are basically cultivated by what we’ve learned from our family, friends, educational systems and religious beliefs, but what have we truly been taught?  What can we say about anything that wasn’t regurgitated to us by someone else?

As evidenced by past life regressions, our previous lives and soul history remain dormant in our cellular DNA and can be recalled through our subconscious minds through hypnotherapy.   Within your cellular DNA, you actually remember being back with the Source along with all of the things you wanted to accomplish during this incarnation, as well as all of the challenges you wanted to overcome and all of the people who would lead you to where you are.  This includes the people that have come and gone from our lives.

Also see: Remind Me Again, Why Did I Incarnate To This Sh*thole?

Sometimes, we project to be someone that we expect others to see in us.  In psychology, this is referred to as the shadow self, where we project an identity that conforms to how other people may perceive us versus being true to who we really are. Some people may find out that they never knew who they were because they lived their lives through the expectations of how others will perceive them.

Those who have begun their spiritual journeys may also be confronting these issues, which initially creates cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance occurs when you get an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously.  This is the transition period that many of us have gone through, where our beliefs have changed, yet we’re unsure about relating these new ideas to our friends and family, due to fear or rejection.

As our spiritual journeys continue, we become more comfortable within our own beliefs and less concerned about how our friends and family view this awakening.  This is when the ego becomes separated from the self and fear is dissolved by love.  At this juncture, we begin to talk to acquaintances, as well as friends and family, about spiritual and metaphysical topics, with less regard about what they might think of us or how we may be perceived by others.

In time, spirituality will be the predominant frame of mind and it’s likely that those who have strayed from us will be the first in line to ask for help in adjusting to the new paradigm.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
– Friedrich Nietzsche


Remember thisYou are not alone!  Those who truly love you will stand by you, no matter what.  Those people who are no longer part of our lives have already played their role in helping us find out who we truly are.  Sometimes, it takes polarity to be able to differentiate who we are and where we’re going.  This is where the unawakened help immensely, by providing that contrast which allows us to see the differences.


Envision each awakened person across the planet holding a candle.  While your individual candle may not seem like a lot of light, it greatly contributes to making the world FULL of light and keeps us connected, no matter how far apart we may be.  While it may be painful to lose some dear friends, think about what they have brought to your life and why.

Chances are, you’ll end a few old relationships with people who were, at one time, very close to you, only to create new relationships with like-minded people.  Forgive yourself, as well as your friends, if you feel badly about this.  They came into your life for a reason a season or a lifetime:

Reason, Season, or Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty; to provide you with guidance and support; to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be.

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Author Unknown


About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D andBodyMindSoulSpirit. You can find his In5D Radio shows on the In5D Youtube channel. He is also a transformational speaker and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States throughIn5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!

How To Release Soul Contracts

Gregg Prescott M.S



It’s good to know what kind of soul contracts you have between your partner, mother, brother, best friend. Soul contracts are great to have a loving connections amongst people, they help create growth, transformation and unconditional love. Knowing the soul contracts you have will help you create a more successful relationship.

Here is the kicker, soul contracts can also be painful for you to achieve your dreamsand relationships. So when soul contract blocks your way, it can be very painful. I have known many people who have tried to make their business a success or find their true love, nothing worked for them. Cases like this, whats standing in the way ? Yep you guessed it, a soul contract.

I have listed below some of the soul contracts you might have, maybe you can recognize them ? Okay, its time to take action.

5 Known Soul Contracts

1. Soul Contract of Martyrdom

Are you finding it’s easier to say yes than to say no ?, you are probably putting your own needs and desires away to help others, you do it even when its inconvenient, soul contracts -tired-exhausted you feel you are a good person if you sacrifice your own needs to make others happy. If you are doing this than you are feeling frustrated with your life, you feel like no one appreciates you or even tired and exhausted.

This is how this soul contract manifests and you know what, its not pretty. If you were to break this soul agreement, it will permit you to make better decisions, so you can help when you feel the moment is right. You will begin to take care of yourself while you are giving to others. It will allow you to live a more balanced life.

2. Soul Contract – Loyalty

With the loyalty soul contract, you always stand by your lover, parent, boss. No it does not matter how they treat you, you feel you have no choice but stand by them. This soul contract creates scenarios where you are walked all over by your loved ones, you want to change things or tried leaving the relationship but could not because you didn’t want to abandon them.

Once you release this soul contract, you will be confident to make improvements in your relationships, even if you have struggled to make those changes for years, like leaving your partner or leaving your job. The hold these people had over you for years will be removed.

3. Soul Contracts of Loneliness

If you are some one who is looking for their soul mate throughout your life, you have relationship after another which results in failure, heartbreak and sadness. You have tried everything from blind dates to online dating, there maybe many contracts standing in the way to find love. This soul contract of loneliness is one of the most difficult to deal with.

Even though at times you feel you have found someone wonderful, yet you still have that lonely feeling, unsupported and separate. When you release this contract you can finally feel the support and love you deserve.

4. Soul Contract – Anxiety

Are you someone who is always feels anxious, worried or nervous, then your soul is holding you to this contract. Are you worried about things ? and once that worry is over, are you worried and nervous about another event ?

When you do release this soul contract, you will find that you are more in touch with yourself and intuition, now you know whats really coming along for you and there is no need to be worried or nervous.

5. Soul Contract – When the Boat Rocks

If you always feel afraid, or even afraid to be seen in public, you don’t break rules, you don’t even want others to know that your reading this article. The trait of this contract is common for us humans to protect ourselves.

When you finally remove this soul contract, things start to open up for you. You will begin to blaze your own path without any fear.

How To Release and Clear Soul Contracts

You need to realize that you can’t simply break any soul contract that you want, it won’t work that way. First you have to understand how this contract hindered and served you. You need to understand the problem before you can break it.

You next step would be to understand how this soul contract rears its ugly head into your life. You need to be aware what is really going on, so take your time and see if any of these soul contracts are affecting you.

When you have perfected the awareness part, a new part will show up. Being aware of the soul contracts brings the moment of clarity. Whenever there is a event taking place you will notice a little pause before you give your answer, so take your time and decide.

Whenever you sense you have handle on this contract, you realize where it shows up and how its affecting your life. After you have been working on making the decisions, you can now speed up and increase the release by writing about it, automatic writing can be really successful.

Generally there is no right or wrong choice here, whatever works. Its a process to realize the soul contract is around, to be aware of the pattern and why its showing up in your life, then taking action to release it.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com

Many of us were tricked into making soul contracts through GUILT before we incarnated into the physical form.  This is part of the Sirian soul regeneration system that keeps us coming back again and again to fulfill karmic debts while using our physical bodies as batteries to siphon energy from.

The easiest way to release and clear a soul contract is to physically state on paper that you no longer consent to any contracts made by you while on the other side of the veil.  Then, either shred them into a kajillion pieces or burn them in a safe place.

What Is My Role Or Purpose In This Spiritual Awakening?

by Gregg Prescott M.S



What is my role and why am I here? Many people often wonder what role they should be playing during this spiritual awakening while others ponder their purpose during their present incarnation.

Before you incarnated here

Before you decided to incarnate here, you were connected to Source. While you were on the other side, you made thousands of soul contracts. Actually, you wanted millions of them because they all seemed attainable on the other side but as we have found out, this incarnation gives us enough challenges to overcome!

Your soul contract

Some of the things we agreed upon before incarnating include who are parents or guardians are, what type of socioeconomic situation we will be born into and what energy signature we will have by being born into the zodiac sign we all have.

Each one of these zodiac signs contains a specific energy. Your personal energy is as unique as a snowflake. In order for someone to have the same exact energy signature as you, they would have to be born at the exact same time in the exact same geographical region as you. The next opportunity for this to occur won’t happen for another 4.1 million years and for that to occur, they would also need to be born in the same exact geographical region and at the same time as YOU.

Like the humorous saying goes, “You are unique, just like everybody else.” Yet, the truth is found within the humor. It is true that you are unique, but you are also part of the mass consciousness that ties us all together.

So, what is my role?

Everything you have done in this incarnation has been part of your role and that includes every hardship, pain and ache, as well as every moment of happiness and bliss.

Every choice you have made in life had led you to where you are now and if you are reading this article, then chances are, you’re already playing your role.

Some people are unsure of what their role entails. They have a feeling like they are supposed to be doing something specific, yet they are unsure of what that role might be.

You might be comparing yourself to other people’s achievements and perhaps feel like you are not doing enough. Let me assure you that we’re ALL playing a huge role in this awakening and while some roles are larger than others, NO ROLE is any less important!

Here’s an example.

Our In5D YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers and the videos have been viewed millions of times.


While it’s very humbling that so many people have connected to our videos, this is no larger of an accomplishment than the person who has a handful of subscribers and his (or her) videos have only been viewed a dozen times. Perhaps, out of those dozen views, you changed the life of someone who was suicidal? Perhaps you helped to facilitate the spiritual journey of someone by encouraging them to think outside the box?

In turn, these people tell other people about their experiences, while the other people tell even more people about these experiences. So, while the video only has a dozen views, you could literally be helping thousands upon thousands of people!

My best advice is to look inward for the answer because only YOU know all of the soul contracts that you made before incarnating to this planet. Also, try not to over-think this too much because there’s a good chance you are already playing the exact role you agreed to play, even though you feel like there is more to do.

How can I make a difference right now?

Meditate. Through meditation, you can tap into the grid of global consciousness by sending out positive thoughts and energies to the world.

How can I make a difference this week or month?

Every day, you have the opportunity to send out positive thoughts and intentions to the world. Here is a simple way to do this: Similar to meditation, envision a bright white light emanating from the center of your body. While doing this, (in your mind) silently tell people, “I love you”. You can do this at the grocery store, riding the bus or at any other social situation that you find yourself in.

What is my purpose in life?

Many people are curious about why they decided to incarnate here at this particular point in time. Some people are here simply to share their inner light with others while helping to unlock the planet’s grid. Others are unknowingly empaths who absorb the negative energies of other people and are playing a huge role in the shift in consciousness. Some people simply came here to learn how to cook or to be a carpenter, while others wanted to be part of the Earth’s graduation.

For many people, they are receiving cues from their spirit guides and guardian angels every day through synchronicities, such as 11:11, 1:11, 1:23, 4:44, etc… Whenever these numbers start coming into your life, be aware of what you’re thinking about or what is on your mind when these synchronicites occur because chances are, they are guiding you towards your life purpose.

Once again, only YOU know what is on your soul contract. Look at the direction your life has taken you and try to use those experiences to figure out your life’s purpose. Everything you have experienced has led you to where you are now. These experiences are not coincidental, as they are constantly guiding you toward your life’s purpose.

Don’t be afraid to ask a close friend what their opinion might be. Sometimes, the answer might be more obvious to other people than it is to ourselves. The bottom line is to use your discernment when asking other people, because ultimately, the answer was always within you.

Also, look at the relationships in your life to see where they are leading you. For me, I’ve always had an attraction to nurses and healers. My daughter’s mother is a surgical technician who also reads tarot cards on a daily basis and performs Quantum Touch healing. My 2nd wife was (and still is) a charge nurse who has the ability to see things in the future but suppresses this ability because it sometimes scares her. I seem to be attracted to nurses who were most likely healers in their previous lives but I also seem to gravitate towards women who have innate abilities that many other people don’t possess or at the least, are unaware of these abilities.

These relationships helped to guide me in building in5d.com. Specifically, in 2007, my first wife asked me if I was interested in watching the trailer to “The Secret” when I went to her house to pick up my daughter. After watching it, I went home and ordered the DVD. Upon watching the DVD, I asked the universe for ideas and direction and from that point forwards, I was flooded with ideas, not just for myself, but for other people as well. One of these ideas was to create In5D.com.

In5D exists because of the relationship I had with my daughter’s mother. Even though we had a failed marriage, I have a beautiful daughter and found my life’s purpose and for that, I am eternally grateful for being in that relationship.

What have your relationships been like?

What types of people have you gravitated to and how are these people leading you in a specific direction?

What will your life review look like?

As evidenced by many people who had a near death experience (NDE), when you cross over to the other side, you will perform a life review where you relive your life in a panoramic 360 degree view of everything that happened in your life. Then, you see your life through the eyes of everyone you have touched, through their perspective.

For some people, their life review will show them going to work, coming home and sitting in front of a television in their recliner with a remote control in their hands.

Is this why we decided to incarnate here?

Did we come here to become economic slaves during the day and hypnotized zombies at night?

Is this how we want to see ourselves in our life reviews?

Your goal in life is NOT to be happy

I made a video called, “Your goal in life is NOT to be happy”. Happiness is an emotion, not a goal. Your goal is to experience as many things in life as possible that help to enrich your spirit. Some of these things might bring sorrow and pain which allows you to grow spiritually by learning from these experiences, but it is within these vast life experiences that you will also find happiness. Additionally, you’ll fondly look back at your current incarnation during your life review and will see how fulfilled you were in the time that you were here.

We were alive before we incarnated here

Santos Bonacci stated that once the sperm fertilizes the egg, we begin dying. We were alive before that moment in time. This is the beginning of our soul contract because at this point, we already know the energy signature that we will be born into.

By the time we are born, we have forgotten our life’s role and purpose, but we also begin to fulfill our soul contracts by choosing our parents and life’s situations that we want to achieve. From this point forward, we are simply putting the pieces of the forgotten puzzle together.

It will come to you

Your time here on Earth is precious. You chose to be here. You have a mission, a role and a life purpose and it doesn’t involve religion or watching TV. It might be as simple as “just being you” or it could be as complex as living up to the daily expectations of a personality such as Deepak Chopra. In either case, it is no less important than the other. You are perfect EXACTLY the way you are and you are heading in the direction you’re supposed to be going.

If you are not sure of what your role or purpose is yet, don’t worry too much about it. It will come to you when the time is right. Please know that you are ALWAYS being guided toward your life role or purpose EVERY DAY!

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About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D andBodyMindSoulSpirit as well as co-founder ofWooWooMedia.com He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook, BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook, as well as WooWoo Media on Facebook!

Orbs Color Meaning: What Do The Different Colors Mean?




Orbs Color Meaning: Have you ever seen someone share a picture, where something orb like appeared in the photograph? Well orbs are very debated phenomena in the spiritual groups. Many say they are evidence of sentient being or spirits. However researchers have dismissed that idea of orbs being ghosts. There are many cases where orbs have shown up where some form of paranormal activity has recently taken place.

Orbs are very common in pictures taken in places where spirits reside. In the digital photographic community orbs are artifacts. For this reason many people, including paranormal investigators don’t take orbs very seriously, because there are far too many natural explanations for them.

However there are orbs that could be spirits in nature. This is true for orbs that can be seen with the naked eye, the ones that have their own light source and unique patterns of travel.

The Different Orbs Color Meaning

There seems to be many theories about the orbs color meaning, there are so many, each having their own meaning. The general meaning of orb colors varies amongst different beliefs. Most of these orbs color meaning are based on spiritual beliefs, however these meaning don’t have any scientific facts.

One of the theory of orbs is that spirits are actually manifesting into our world. Probably colors have no significant at all, another theory is that spirit is trying to communicate with us with colors. The best way to interpret orbs color meaning is to search your feeling and see if the orbs color has any significance to you. However if you are looking for a general color meaning we have listed them below.

Clear orb meaning

The significance of clear orb is a sign that the spirit or entity is attempting to interact with you. The spirit is trying to tell you some event has taken place in the location you are, the spirit is asking for your help to move on.

Silver and White orb meaning

Silver and white orbs are about spirituality, they are the connection back to super soul and source. According to some paranormal investigators orbs that are silver or white in color indicates that the spirit is trapped in this world. Other significance indicates that the spirit is here to protect the people in the area. White color is very positive in character.

Brown and Black orb meaning

In spirituality, brown or black colors are associated with low vibrational energies or considered heavy energy. Some consider this energy as bad or evil, but that’s never the truth. When brown or black orbs appear, it’s deemed this area is not safe to be in or the area has negative energy. So you should take caution being there, if your feeling uncomfortable then you should leave.

Orange or Red orb meaning

From a spirituality perspective orange or red colored orbs signifies security and safety and having a sense of happiness. These strong colors are also linked to emotions such as passion and anger, but that’s never the case when it comes to orbs. Orange and red colored orbs means that this entity or spirit has taken on the role as protector. This could be someone who was in life as the watcher or caretaker.

Green orb meaning

In spirituality green is the color of the anahata or heart chakra. Green is also the color of nature. Greens orbs indicate presence of a human soul/spirit, the one who as walked the earth rather than from other dimensions. Green orbs represent a spirit a who is one with nature and love.

Blue orb meaning

Blue is the color of psychic energy and the color of truth. Blue is very calming color, like a soothing blue ocean, in spirituality people connect the color blue with guidance. Presence of blue orb signifies the impression of calm energy, some say blue orb are the presence of spirit guides dwelling in the location.


Research shows that jury is still out if orbs are caused by spiritual or paranormal activity, or they are just dust spot on camera lenses. While each of these orbs color meaning are just theories, no one is ever sure what they truly mean, please bear this in mind when you come across them.

Spiritual Loneliness: What to Do When No One Understands You




If you are spiritually – minded person, it is not a rare thing to feel a little disconnected from other people at times. Experiencing loneliness is a byproduct of spiritual awakening. Living in a modern world where materialism, consumerism and negativity are considered as supreme, you might feel a little displaced, so you need to connect to your inner guidance system. If you are going through an awakening process, or if you already have, then you will certainly know what it feels like to be rejected by the herd.

Here are some helpful ways to cope with spiritual loneliness:

Reality itself is just a play in consciousness. It’s all a dream.

You can say that you are dreaming now, not in a sense of sleeping but in a sense that when you die you will wake up in another dimension. You will realize that all this journey through life was meant for you to evolve as a soul. Looking from this perspective on your life can help you to deal with loneliness because it allows us to remember that our life is a manifestation of our consciousness and projection of our creativity.

Don’t take things too seriously! Learn from the dream, listen to the dream, and explore the dream. But don’t let the contents of the dream hold you up.

Operate from love rather than fear

Don’t you ever let negative thoughts that brings you down and make you feel lonely and unloved dominate your consciousness. Often, if we use fear as a motivator we push the things that we want away from us. Being afraid of loneliness, we attract more of it into our lives. No one is attracted to an energy field of fear and self – pity.

Letting love dominate your life, will overcome fear and the universe will step into greatness.

Go with the flow

Often society can be hard on us. We feel like we need to hold ourselves up to expectation that society puts forward on us. But the truth is a bit different. You don’t need to impress anybody. You don’t need to rush to win this death race. You don’t need big group of friends that you will meet only on weekends, and you don’t need to force a perfect relationship. What you need is to relax, let go of the things and create a happy life for yourself.

Follow your intuition and do the things that come naturally to you. Life is about the journey. Work with the universe, follow your heart, and be open to possibilities.

Seek others out

Although you haven’t found them, there are many spiritually – minded people out there. Take action in your lifestyle and meet the universe halfway so that it can create synchronicities for you. Keep the doors open. Take a yoga or a meditation class. Join a spiritual community online. Hangout at places you haven’t before.

If you are a person with different views, beliefs and ideas, it is normal to feel alone or excluded in our society. It is useless to feel bad about yourself. Actually, you should feel proud for being unique, for having the courage to be yourself in a world where individuality is suppressed. And you are not alone at this; millions of others feel the same way too.

When you feel “spiritually lonely” try to change your perspective, be proud of who you are, love others and yourself and believe that the universe will provide you with the support system you need if you are willing to take a step outside your comfort zone to make those connections happen.

Symbolism And Spiritual Meaning Of Butterfly




Have you come to a point in your life where you feel the need for change in various aspects of your life and need some kind of motivation? If this is what you are feeling, you can get your inspiration from the butterfly.

The butterfly is associated with symbolism of change and transformation. Its dance reflects the need to move from our current phase of your life to the next.

Brief history of the butterfly symbolism and meaning

In the early days of Christianity, the butterfly was used as the symbol of the soul. It was used in China to symbolize conjugal bliss as well as joy. The people of South West America are known to have revered the butterfly so much. Even today, its dance is still performed by the Hopis and Navajo tribes.

Unmarried girls belonging to the clan of butterfly in the tribe of Hopi used to wear their hair in the shape of butterfly wings as a way of advertising their availability. In addition, Native Americans used the butterfly as a symbol of color, joy, and change. Essentially, it was considered a symbol of transformation and resurrection in many cultures of the world.

Butterfly Symbolism;

The spiritual meaning of butterfly is the endless cycles of life. It is a symbol of powerful transformations. The life cycle of the butterfly begins when it is hatched from an egg. It lives as a caterpillar immediately after hatching and later retreats back into the cocoon where it goes through a transformation. Upon leaving the cocoon it is then reborn as an amazing winged wonder we call butterfly.

The beautiful life cycle of a butterfly closely reflects the procedure of our spiritual transformation. Its life shows us how we can retreat from this world into our deeper self, shutting ourselves inside cocoons in order to rediscover who we are through various methods, including meditation and acquiring new knowledge through reading .

At the end of it all, we emerge as a stronger version of ourselves prepared to fly, having been reborn and transformed in a completely new way.

In addition, butterflies seem to dance while flickering among the flowers. This serves to remind us not to take things so seriously in our individual lives. They evoke a sense of joy and lightness. They always remind us to get up and move in order to be able to dance. Essentially, they remind us to make changes when opportunities present themselves.

The butterfly also lives for only a short time. This serves to give us more insight as far as our lives are concerned. We are reminded that life is really short and therefore we should always enjoy the here and now.

Spiritual meaning of butterfly;

The spiritual meaning of butterfly signifies the choice to transcend. This implies that it is the greatest symbol of the power that is available to us when it comes to making choices, including our way of being, the paths we chart for ourselves in this life, as well as choosing our destiny, among other things. Simply put, the butterfly shows us how we can reshape and re-sculpt ourselves in our spirits.

In conclusion, the butterfly can serve to inspire you when you need support in times of transition in various aspects of your life , including work, relationship, or when you are going through an internal transition. It is indeed a great ally during intense periods of personal transformation, helping bring ease and lightness to the process.

Are You Manifesting from Your Higher Self or Your Ego?




Are you manifesting the desires of your ego or the desires of your Higher Self?

Most Law of Attraction books will tell you that you can have everything, that you deserve everything, that all you have to do is visualize yourself having what you desire and *poof* it will magically appear

While there is a lot of truth to this, when you manifest the desires of your ego, chances are you will always be left with wanting more or your manifestation will be filled with obsession, attachment and fear.

The ego loves to be in control and loves to ‘want’, in fact the more things the ego wants, the happier it becomes until the pursuit of these things leaves your soul withered and forever chasing.

When you manifest from your Higher Self however, suddenly your work becomes less about “asking and receiving” and more about “opening to receiving.”

“Instead of asking “What do I want from Life?” a more powerful question is- ‘What does life want from me?”” — Eckhart Tolle

Manifesting from the Higher Self allows you to create experiences that don’t serve your small, ego-self but instead, cater to your highest path.

For example, lets say that you want to attract the perfect partner into your life.

The ego loves to control (ie. manifest) and will make a wish list of all the desirable traits their partner will have, from their occupation to the color of their hair.

The Higher Self however, will trust that the Universe will bring the “perfect” person, at the prefect time and trust so deeply that they need not state their intention more than once.

When you manifest from the Higher Self, there really is no need to visualize, make a wish list or create a vision board, because on a deeper level you trust in the Universe and that what is meant to be will always find a way, no matter what the circumstances are.

Working from the place of Higher Self, allows you to fully surrender to the Divine guidance of the Universe and to trust that the plans for the Universe are no match for the plans your ego-self wants for you.

This doesn’t mean that you sit back in a place of passiveness, in fact it is quite the reverse!

When you relax, release control and allow the Universe to unveil for you all it has in store, you are guided to always make the appropriate steps, in the appropriate direction and at exactly the appropriate time.

You hold the entire life force of the Universe inside of you, and when you allow that energy to fully move through you, rather than trying to control where it goes, you instantly open up to infinite possibilities that you could never even have imagined for yourself before.

This is why you can only ever vibrationally attract what you are- if you are always asking for more (like the ego does) you will only ever be left with the feeling of wanting more, no matter how many riches the Universe bestows upon you.

Just the same, when you start only wanting the things that your Higher Self wants, it instantly aligns the vibration your inner Universe with your outer Universe and that is where the true magic *poof* happens.

Instead of sending the Universe your wish list like it’s Santa Claus, why not instead ask the Universe to guide you using their wish list for you? After all, this is the wish list of your highest path and has the potential to serve the greatest good.

By Tanaaz, Forever Conscious

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