Are You A Human Angel??


Human Angels have certain characteristics that make them different from the rest of society.

The following is an excerpt from the book, ‘We are Human Angels.’

  • If since childhood you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing…
  • If you have always dreamed of relieving the sorrows of all living beings…
  • If you feel that you have a special talent to help others…
  • If you have an out of the ordinary sensitivity…
  • If you have overcome difficult trials in your life…
  • If you think that despite everything, life should be lived with joy…
  • If, while always trying to give meaning to your suffering, you believe that there must be a way to stop yours and others suffering…
  • If in your heart there is no room for hatred and resentment…
  • If you always try to change evil into good and darkness into light…
  • If you always follow your heart even when it seems to be the hardest thing to do…
  • If you have always had a vision of heaven on earth and would like to spread it throughout the world…
  • If you have the ability to read people and know what is hidden within their hearts…
  • If you silently bless everyone you encounter in your life…
  • If you, from the very beginning, have always felt a sense of not belonging to this world…
  • If you have never been able to relate yourself with any group of people, but you have always had a deep desire to connect yourself with your Souls’ family here on earth…
  • If the search for truth is your greatest passion…
  • If you live with honesty even when it hurts… If you believe in the healing power of Love…
  • If you still have the same dreams you had when you were a pure-hearted child…
  • If you feel you were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it…
  • …you are a Human Angel and you are just trying to remember.

excerpt from We are Human Angels


Being A Reiki Angel On Earth

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

Many of us Reiki healers integrate Angel Healing with Reiki. We take the assistance of the angels all the time. We enjoy being cared for and loved unconditionally by these Higher Beings. We are empowered by the loving warmth that envelops us when the angels shine their light upon us.

Can we also make the effort to be Angels for others in the world; for our Reiki clients, for our friends and family, for plants, animals and even so called non-living things?

Here are six ways that we can be Reiki Angels on Planet Earth:

Smile – When was the last time you smiled from your heart? Smiling is contagious and puts people at ease. Smile at your clients and make them feel welcome. People are often nervous when they come in for healings and classes (much like how one feels when waiting to meet a doctor). When you smile from your heart, it breaks the ice and makes the person comfortable. We often forget to smile at our partners, children, family and friends. We may not even find it necessary because we see these people all the time. But that’s the whole point isn’t it? The people close to us share their love with us. They do so much for us that we may not always be conscious of. Make frequent eye contact with people at home and smile. Be an angel and make them feel loved and cared for.

Being a Reiki Angel on Earth
Image by AlicePopkorn

Be Gentle Yet Firm – The angels are very gentle beings. They never intimidate us or force things down our throat. But when we seek their help, they are firm and expect that we follow the divine guidance they send our way. There is no way we can manipulate the angels into helping us with things that are not in our highest interest. Nor will they interfere with our free will unless we give them permission to help. We can help our clients best when we follow the same approach. Never promise to do things that you know are not in a client’s best interest. Just to keep clients happy, don’t offer to give Reiki to heal situations or force outcomes that don’t feel right. It is not going to work anyway. It does not matter even if clients don’t like you for not listening to them. View every case form a higher perspective and guide people like an angel would do.

Empower – The angels guide and help us when we call on them. At the same time, they also encourage us to connect with our innate power and wisdom. They strive to empower us. When clients seek help, it is our job to guide and support them to the extent necessary. But rather than make them dependent on us, we can empower them to connect with their own source of strength. It is not healthy to encourage relationships in which the teacher is viewed as the ultimate authority and the student becomes overly dependent on the teacher. Support your clients but draw the line where necessary. Ever heard the saying:

      “You have to be cruel to be kind.”

This is valid in certain cases and is a necessity with clients who seek comfort in dependent relationships. It is ultimately for their higher good.

Drop Judgement– This is tough but it must be done if we are to shine our light on the world. The angels see out true colours but they never judge us based on what they see. Instead, they radiate loving kindness, peace and compassion. In order to be an angel on Earth, try your best to drop all judgements. No matter how much someone may put you off, try to view him or her with compassion. People do the best they can with their level of awareness. So, drop judgement. Often, just being in the company of someone who does not judge can have a healing effect on others. Your clients are bound to heal faster when you create an environment of non-judgement and work with them from a place of compassion. Our job is to help people heal and not to hurt them more than they’ve already been hurt.

Lead by Example – The angels never blow their own trumpets to display their love and magnanimity to the world. Instead, they just radiate their love and inner beauty. This has a healing effect on everyone around them. Being human, we can never be perfect all the time. But we can strive to become the change that we wish to see in the world. If you want more kindness, be kind. If you want more love, radiate love. If you want more peace in the world, be peaceful yourself. Inspire others with your being rather than with talking and doing. Just this act of being the change you wish to see in the world can cause profound healing for those around you and for the planet.

Bless – Shower Reiki blessings upon everything you encounter. Bless the plants, trees, birds and other creatures in your environment. Bless the people who help you directly as well as indirectly. Bless you family, friends, children and clients. Bless things that appear to be non-living too. Whenever you have a moment and can remember to bless, just bless whatever is within your reach in that moment. The more we bless, the more love and light we create. In short, we live like angels.

Starting this moment, unfold your wings and be a Reiki Angel on Planet Earth!

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Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.

Rainbow, Crystal and Indigo Children


At this point I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the indigo children, and probably the crystal and rainbow children as well.

You may have read about these children coming in with “new spiritual technologies” to support Humanity and Mother Earth in transcending density to ascend into higher levels of light and love.

You’ve probably taken a few quizzes, or at the very least read through a list of qualities, patterns of behavior, and characteristics of these children (and adults) of the new energy to determine if you or your children fit the mold.

You may already know that indigo children are often strong willed, highly sensitive and intuitive with an innate truth detector and with little patience for bureaucracy or respect for authority which is undeserved.

You may have learned that crystal kids are typically quite empathic, telepathic, quiet yet profound spiritual teachers with a deep connection to nature and the spiritual realms. Or that rainbow children come in with no karma, are peaceful, spiritually gifted from a young age and are excited to talk, and share what they know about spirit with love and joy.

The truth is, that these labels are not entirely incorrect. As humans, it’s natural for us to want to categorize, label, and classify things in the physical to make sense of them. This is exactly what has happened with the groups of children being born in the new energy.

They’re classified according to common patterns of behavior in order to make sense of the differences between many kids of the new generation when compared to kids in the past.

The “new kids”, who are otherwise known as star kids, rainbow, crystal, or indigo’s, are souls who due to the continually rising vibration of the earth and humanity are able to come into the physical realm maintaining a higher vibration.

The crystal, rainbow and indigo children (and adults) are able to embody more of the authentic truth of their authentic spiritual, divine, and multidimensional self, and are here on the planet with a strong purpose.

The innate higher vibrational frequency of the indigo’s, crystals, and rainbows supports them in accomplishing their divine blueprint and life purpose as spiritual beings in physical form.

In addition to learning and growing as individual souls, the children of the new energy are here on Earth to help spread love and light, elevate the vibration of the planet, move away from the old energy, and help to progress the ongoing ascension process of humanity and the planet to an entirely new level.

While it’s natural to want to label the new kids, it’s somewhat opposed to the mission the crystal, rainbow, and indigo children  came here with.

Generally speaking, they are here to help humanity to move out of the realm of duality and separation, and into an increased realization of our underlying oneness, and ability for positive co-creation on a huge scale.

Labels do however serve a purpose, and can be beneficial for parents who want to better understand the needs of their psychic, empathic or sensitive children. These labels can also help the souls who are indigo, crystal, or rainbow and are struggling to fit in, or wondering why they feel different or like outsiders.

I personally felt relieved when I read the characteristics of the crystal children. I was able to align with an increased sense of self acceptance and confidence when I came to understand my association with this super sensitive group.

That being said, the great thing about the new energy, is that once someone connects with a new level of love and light, this increased level of light and love instantly becomes available for all of humanity.

So even if you don’t feel you are or your child is a crystal, rainbow, or indigo… Because these children of the new energy are here on the planet, all of the divine frequency, psychic gifts, and potential for increased vibration present in these children, are available to you.

You connect with these energies through your commitment to a meditation practice, being present in love at all times, and your furthered spiritual growth and ascension.

As more and more of humanity continues to awaken to higher levels of consciousness and increased levels of love, the pathway is paved for the crystal and rainbow children to come into this reality with even more of their divine codes of enlightenment, higher consciousness and love frequencies intact.

Ultimately, the new kids are here to help humanity and the earth move out of the old paradigm of control, fear and density, and to realign with love, compassion and higher consciousness.  Their main goal is to help usher in the new paradigm on planet earth in the coming years.

My take is that we use the labels of indigo, crystal and rainbow children to the extent that they’re helpful, but also to remember that labels are often restrictive, and the very purpose of many of these kids is to help us think outside of the box.

Labels can offer general insight, but really they are very limiting when it comes to the full extent of the possibility for what are very high vibrational spiritual beings in physical form.

The new kids are here to help on a huge scale, and they really do have the frequency, qualities, and gifts needed to make a difference. But perhaps even more exciting, is that the very divine essence and higher vibrational frequencies present in the crystal, rainbow, and indigo kids, is now available to all.

The simple presence of the new kids empowers all who are willing, to let go of the old energy, open their hearts to love and light, and step into the infinite possibilities available in the new energy.

When we join together to co-create from a place of love and oneness, while tuned into the increased love and frequency being anchored and embodied by the new kids, we really can step into entirely new possibilities for the planet and humanity.

A world where all are centered in love, light, and compassion is revealing itself one step at a time and these new kids are ushering in the new energies for all to embrace.

By Melanie Beckler, in5d; | Click here to get a free Angel Message from Melanie.

About the author: Melanie Beckler is a best selling author and internationally acclaimed channel who runs Her books, MP3 Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD’s provide a direct link to the love, frequency and wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people all around the world.

Discover The 10 Lightworkers Gifts


Lightworkers are paving the way for everyone, they carry the torch, holding the light of this planet in balance, they have come here to help the planet shift into higher consciousness. They have agreed to come here and fulfill their lightworker mission. They carry this light within their soul to enlighten and illuminate the world.

Most lightworkers are healers, how they heal things is completely up to them. Some lightworkers take on the role of teaching, energy or psychic healer, some do their work in subtle ways. When a lightworker comes into the physical world, they sometimes struggle to find their light within. Lightworkers forget their mission and purpose, often their light is put out altogether.

It is when this light is dim is the time lightworkers go on their journey of self discovery and try heal them selves. When their light is out, the lightworker beomes a darkworker and dwells in the shadow trying to find ways to reignite their light. This is a very difficult procedure for lightworkers to go through, however when their light is shining bright again, they become powerful again and resume their mission.

What are lightworkers gifts and mission?

All the lightworkers have different mission, but their primary goal is to help people through their shadows and find their light. Most lightworkers are accountable for balancing the energy of fear with the energy of love. Lightworkers are great at manifesting and most often create things with just their thoughts. They have special unique ability to heal and make everyone feel comfortable and safe.

Lightworkers are intuitive and have immense psychic ability, they are very sensitive to energy. You may come across a lightworker when you go through hard times or the time of your awakening, they help people realize their purpose in life.

If you resonate with the path of lightworkers, here are 10 lightworkers gifts and signs.

1. You felt that you were called to help guide and heal others.

2. You are either empathic or sensitive to energy.

3. You have psychic gifts and abilities.

4. You feel strongly about the environment and animal.

5. You are attracted to healing arts and you have explored some healing modalities.

6. You know your own fears and fears of everyone else around you.

7. You went through a tough spiritual awakening.

8. You love being around people, at the same time you need alone time to recharge.

9. You know your thoughts well and your ability to manifest.

10. You often see the number 911, this is the calling card of lightworkers.

Behaviour and Signs Of An Indigo Child


Indigo children is a word we are familiar with, belonging to a very special group of beings who have chosen to be here on planet Earth with a mission and purpose. The name indigo child describes the soul shade of Indigo, which suggests a Master Soul who serves as a teacher or healer. Most of the indigo children are under taking this mission to either teach or heal, they are just being themselves doing what they love.

Indigos were coming to our planet for many of years. Some claim that Buddha and many others were Indigos, since their mission, on a global scale, was to educate and heal, also to change the consciousness of mankind.

When Did The Indigo Children Arrive?


In the recent past, after the Second World War Indigos started to incarnate on earth in growing numbers, in preparation for the global shift that we’re experiencing now. Most of these special children incarnated during the baby boom generation of the fifties and were born to flower children of the sixties. Yet, at that point there hasn’t been a satisfactory amount of them on Earth to make major changes.

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Then in 1970’s the first generation of indigo children started arriving. These beings are actually now in their late twenties and early thirties, and are the real warrior generation that have started the process of challenging and shifting old systems.

How do Indigo children Behave?


1. They are born and know they are special and should be admired
2. An indigo understands they belong here as they expect one to understand it too.
3. These children are very confident and have high self worth.
4. They have absolute authority, the kind with no choices. Good example of this would be the education system.
5. The rules we follow as children seem very silly for an indigo child and they oppose it.
6. Rigid ritualistic procedures are primitive to an indigo child. They believe everything needs to be given creative consideration.
7. They are insightful and frequently have a better idea of method then what continues to be in place for years. This makes them seem like system busters.
8. Many adults view indigo’s as anti social unless they are within their group. Quite often they feel lost and misunderstood, which induces them to go within.
9. The old control system like, “wait till your father gets home,” has no effect on these children.
10. The fulfillment of their individual needs is essential to them, and they’ll tell you.

What are the signs of an indigo child?


Listed below are the signs of an indigo child:

1. They are strong willed.
2. They are born in 1970’s or later.
3. They are head strong.
4. Creative, with the artistic talent for music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.
5. They are prone to addictions.
6. They are old souls.
7. Intuitive or psychic, perhaps having a history of seeing spirits or people that are deceased.
8. An isolationist, either through aggressive acting out or through introversion that is delicate.

Empath Definition: Living As an Empath Today


When it comes to sensitivity empaths have it all, the empath definition is that they are finely tuned instruments of emotions. These souls feel everything and at times to an overwhelming level. Empaths gift is their intuition and through it they experience the world. Empath are nurturers, highly spiritual and very good listeners. They will ways be there for you, nurturing and supporting you.

Living through life as an empath can be tough, here are few insightful tips to help you out.

Empath Definition: Living your life as an empowered Empath.

1. Honor your state of consciousness and appreciate who you are.

In todays world empaths feel the pressure for being unique. In the modern day world people often look down upon on those who operate from their heart. So there tends to be many challenges for being different. Often it’s very easy to be misunderstood by people and their disapproval gets taken within.

The empathic trait is normal. It’s a very special gift to be keyed from within. For good health having the ability to sense people and frequencies of the surroundings is essential. It’s a core trait to know there is danger to one’s family, friends and even themselves.

2. To know empathic consciousness is different from thought consciousness.

We know that day and night is different because we can notice it with our eyes. It’s much harder to identify empathic awareness as it can’t be seen. It can only be sensed and experienced from within. We can know the traits if it’s either a curse or a blessing by identifying the differences in how empathy works. Self knowledge is attained by knowing when the mind and it’s thoughts are dominant. The thoughts and feelings we have are different, and when we recognize the differences, the internal results can be liberating.


3. Your intuition is very accurate.

Often empaths have hard time believing in their gut instinct. You should never doubt it. Know that your intuition is very accurate. This doesn’t mean the feeling can be fully embraced or understood. This knowledge could be incomplete. Still the feeling is very real and there is deeper connection occurring which needs to be embraced.

4. Just because you can feel, does not mean the observation is fully understood.

When you make assumptions on a felt observation it’s a big mistake. There are many complications in between our thinking and feeling states with communication between women and men. The mental side of things are just different. However jumping to assumptions can be quite a disaster.

Our emotions have depths to them, often the messages stay hidden and can change. The details become more apparent when we take our time to reflect and understand them.

5. Notice the Emotional States.

The biggest gifts for empaths is to realize and determine the countless emotional states. Just like a musician who can recognize many musical tones or an artist who knows the various shades of colours.

Our internal emotional state can change depending on the external influences, environments, people food, sound etc, can change our empathic responses. Allowing us to know why these changed feelings enable empathy to be a gift.


6. Nurture your feelings.

When you know which emotional states benefit and matter, empaths can take action to do whatever it takes to feel best. The musicians uses various tones to make specific sound, and the artist knows the color combination to create the desired effect.

7. Empaths are also projectors.

Most empaths don’t know this but they are also projectors of emotions. They have the ability to project emotions without being aware of it.

Often they can influence moods and feeling of the room and the people, they do this without knowing, once you know this is happening, your presence can be a immense gift. Also it can be a silent language without saying anything or moving a muscle.

When you awaken to this aspect of empathy, you can empower and take responsibility how your mood can affect emotions and feelings of friends and family and even environments. This why it is essential for empaths to wake up to their ability, appreciating it and honoring it.

8. Finding ways to be creative.

Empaths find they are not understood or heard. Their inner domain can never be understood by many. So empath often find it hard to express their soul. It’s very important for them to express their creativity in other ways, writing, art, dance, music can clear the internal channel and can be nurturing.

Lightworkers Mission on Earth


The Lightworkers mission intro – Who are lightworkers? The term lightworker has been around for quite a few years, most often use to describe individuals doing spiritual, healing or humanitarian work. The meaning of Lightworker has evolved as our understanding and awareness has evolved, as we have evolved as well.

Today it is understood that lightworkers are people who are changing human consciousness. They are ‘waking up’, experiencing a reconnection towards the infinite intelligence available to all via our inner knowing & extended awareness.

Along the way of their own progress Lightworkers are influencing and catalyzing their awareness and others around them, even without consciously looking to do this, it’s increasingly obvious of their positive vibrational love and output. The true quality of a lightworker is their conscious awareness; this is where their true power is.

What Is The Lightworkers Mission on Earth?

The lightworkers mission is that they have volunteered before birth to help the planet and everyone on it from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a goal that is sacred. However, a three dimensional existence on the planet which mostly concentrates on conditioning and materialism produces a kind of amnesia in lightworkers.lightworkers mission 1

They frequently overlook their abilities, as well as their divine purpose to assist our planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. Most often lightworkers feel lost and afraid when they forget their true identity. Many lightworkers are finding natural spiritual gifts, for example healing and psychic abilities.

Many of the lightworkers on earth have a special appreciation for animals and love for nature. These would be the gifts that lightworkers offered to use to heal the population and the planet.

How do I know if I am a Lightworker?

You are a lightworker if you have the following:

1. You are being called to heal others.

2. Want to solve the planet’s social and environmental issues.

3. You firmly believe that spiritual methods can heal many situations.

4. Have had mystical experiences, like light being encounters or psychic premonitions.

5. Have endured many harsh life experiences that drastically changed the knowledge of your divine perfection.

6. Want to fix your own personal life as a first step in healing the planet.

7. Feel a calling to teach, write or counsel about your healing experiences.

8. Sense a feeling of time urgency to fulfill your mission before you know that you are here for ahigher purpose or even if you are uncertain what it is or how to carry through it.

Lightworkers know why they came to this world, everywhere around earth right now, lightworkers are awakening. They hear an inner calling that cannot be dismissed. Have you sensed your lightworkers mission calling?


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